Tuesday, July 11, 2017



Today's post is all about my top two cleansers that can be used daily without irritating or drying out the skin. With so many cleansers out there it is hard to pick a good one that is full of active ingredients and healthy for our skin. I have tried hundreds on cleansers being an esthetician & using different brands throughout the years. Cleanser is one product that is worth spending some money on and investing in a good quality cleanser. I also have a few favorite treatment cleansers....check out my  post on Skin Scripts Glycolic cleanser HERE....but todays post is everyday cleansers. 

1) Skin Scripts Green Tea Citrus Antioxidant Cleanser

This cleanser smells amazing & is great at removing makeup. This is a foamy, gentle cleansing option that protects the skin from cellular damage while improving clarity and tone. This is targeted for all skin types including rosacea and sensitive. 

-clarifies and purges
-maintains healthy cell function
-protects bacterial attacks
-provides cellular protection from free radicals
-inhibits inflammation

Try this cleanser out for only $26.50

2) iS Clinical Cleansing Complex

This cleanser gently resurfaces, is anti-acneic and deep cleansing. This one is my all time favorite cleanser that I can use daily. This is a lightweight gel cleanser that also removes makeup. This is great for all skin types. I LOVE this for acne-prone or congested skin.

-deep-cleanses without drying
-helps control acne breakouts
-minimizes pore size
-smoothes & softens
-excellent for shaving
-lightweight gel

This cleanser is a little bit pricey than the first ($40) but a little goes a long way. 

Have any questions about cleansers? Contact Megan at skinstudiobymegan@gmail.com 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Best Selling Product: Skin Scripts Glycolic/Retinol Pads

My all time best selling product is Skin Scripts Glycolic/Retinol Pads. These pads are good for every skin type (except sensitive) and help out with so many skin issues. What I love about these pads is how simple they are. Cleanse your skin, then simply wipe the pad all over the face....viola! Simple as that. These pads are designed to gently and progressively renew the skin to provide brightening, clarifying and restoring benefits to all skin types in need of perfecting. The best part is...these bad boys are only $22.50

Recommended For:
Hyperpigmentation, melasma, oily & acneic skin. 

How to use:
For pore refinement or acneic skin use 2-3 times per week. 
For melasma or hyperpigmentation, spot treat 2 times per day directly onto pigmentation. Reduce use after pigmentation has lightened. 

-lightens pigmentation 
-provides surface renewal and resurfacing
-prevents future breakouts
-assists in anti-wrinkle actions 

This product is perfect for those who's skin cannot tolerate prescription retin-A. This still provides the same benefits just in a more gentle way. This product is so simple, so easy, so cheap & provides amazing results. I literally cannot keep these on my shelf. Tip: Clean scissors with rubbing alcohol and cut pads in half to save more product. A half a pad usually will cover my whole face. I also love to use these on my neck, chest & hands. Anywhere that has pigmentation....these pads will go. If you are interested in trying these best seller pads, contact me to get a sample. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Face Reality Peels...Liquid Gold

Face Reality is an acne training program along with products & treatments. Taking this course and becoming an acne specialist has changed the game & help me learn so much about acne. This program is meant to be completed with Face Reality home care, in office treatments every 2 weeks and lifestyle/dietary changes. I wanted to discuss Face Reality peels in todays blog post. I will do another post soon featuring more about the program & home care. Face Reality is proven to get you clear when using home care & in office peels. I cannot guarantee you will get clear if you are only doing the in office treatments. It is crucial to combine these peels with home care. However I do have a few clients who opt to only do the peel & are loving the results.  All my clients (and myself) are ranting & raving about these amazing peels. Most of my acne clients love mandelic peels....well this is mandelic & more!

Why Face Reality peels over other peels? 
Face Reality peels are strong enough to have the exfoliation, antibacterial & skin lightening properties needed for acne, but gentle enough so the client can continue using their home care the next day. They are self-neutralizing peels that do not need to be washed off and this makes them less irritating.
I have had literally hundreds....probably thousands of chemical peels over the years struggling with acne prone skin. I have found some I love, but non compare to these Face Reality peels. They have also helped out the redness & pigmentation in my skin. I love how I don't have any downtime after (besides maybe a flake or two) & my skin looks fabulous the next day...I also stay oil free afterwards.

Are Face Reality peels just for acne?
Absolutely not. This blend of acids & ingredients is also amazing for anti-aging and for pigmentation.

After care:
Do not use your "active" products (serums or acne med) the night of your treatment. Since the peel is self-neutralizng, do not wash your face for 5-6 hours after.

 How long to be off prescription products or accutane before treatments:
Depending on topical prescription products, you need to discontinue 2 weeks before starting Face Reality. Accutane needs to be discontinued for one month prior.

What is in Face Reality Peels:
Acne Peel 1:
5 % TCA
5% Mandelic
5% Lactic
blend of azelaic & kojic acids to lighten pigmentation

Acne Peel 2:
7.5% TCA
5% Mandelic
5% Lactic
blend of azelaic & kojic acids to lighten pigmentation

What is the downtime?
With acne peel 1 most clients do not get dry or irritated. If you were to have any "peeling" it would be light flaking, not peeling in big sheets. When you bump up to acne peel 2, you may experience more dryness & slight flaking. This peel is designed for little to no irritation and/or flaking. Just moisturize lots the next few days following.

Here are two different client feedbacks. I am telling you all....this peel changes the skincare game. My face stays sooooooo smooth, soft & oil free after. Come get your peel on at Skin Studio By Megan, certified Face Reality specialist.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Summer Skin Tips

It is finallly getting warm & sunny in the bluegrass...can I get an AMEN? With summer coming it calls for a blog post on tips & tricks for summer skincare. Although I love being out in the sun at the lake, I also love having no sun damage on my face. Luckily, when you play your cards right....you can enjoy both. Staying proactive and sun smart will save you from sun spots years down the road. Here are some tips and tricks for skincare in the summertime.

1) Exfoliate your dry winter skin away. Although in the summertime we do not want to do deep peels or laser treatments, it is a great time for a light chemical peel or microdermabrasion to remove the dead buildup of skin cells from the dryness of winter. 

2) Switch your moisturizer: Usually in the summertime it is best to switch your moisturizer from the heavier winter creams to a lighter formula for summertime. I usually switch from Skin Scripts Ageless moisturizer or Acai Berry to the light aloe moisturizer for summer. The others are too heavy in the summertime and leave my skin more oily. Talk to your esthetician if you feel your moisturizer is too heavy this time of year.

3) Toner to cool down: This is my favorite tip. I LOVE Skin Scripts Cucumber Hydration Toner (the one every client says "I love the smell of that" after I spritz it during treatments"). I keep a bottle in my purse during the summer to spritz down and cool off while I am at the lake, pool and beach. Keep it stored in your fridge for an even cooler spritz down. Not only does this refresh your face, it will restore makeup and hydrate your skin at the same time. 

4) Start slow in the sun: Make sure you start going out into the sun in small steps. You do not want to be outside in the sun all day long for this first time & fry like a little piggy. Skin cancer is no joke people. You need to build a tolerance to the sun so you do not damage your skin. 

5) SPF: ALL DAY. EVERY DAY. Apply at least SPF 30 every two hours. I cannot stress this enough. It is so much easier to apply and prevent sun damage over removing it later with treatments  & products. Also you are saving your life from skin cancer. I love brush on block. This is a mineral based SPF that you simply brush onto the skin. This translucent powder makes it so simple to reapply my SPF without messing up my makeup. Actually, it helps control my oil every time I apply...win! This is also great for kids & applying in the hairline. Skip the messy sprays with this mineral based sun protection. Get your brush on block at Skin Studio By Megan for $32...refills are $17

6) Antioxidants: Don't leave the house without antioxidant protection. A good Vitamin C serum helps protect from dangerous UV rays as well as lighten up pigmentation from previous sun damage. Vitamin C is a must for everyone daily. My favorite are iS Clinical Super Serum, iS Clinical Pro-Heal & Skin Script Vitamin C/Green Tea Serum. 

7) Lash Lift. Lash Tint. Brow Tint:Look a little more "put together" when you are makeup free at the beach, pool, or lake. A lash lift curls your natural lashes making them appear longer & curled. A tint will darken your natural lash giving the appearance of mascara. Tinting your eyebrows will help them look more filled in. This is great for blondes or light hair. Lifts are $65 and will last 6-12 weeks. Get a lift and tint for $85. Eyelash tints alone of $20 and eyebrow tints are $15.

Get your skin ready for summertime. Hope you enjoy. 

How to tighten your neck & décolleté with iS Clinical Neck Perfect Complex

Did you know that the neck shows signs of aging & sun damage before the face? There is nothing worse than a frozen face and a saggy "turkey" neck. The neck along with the back are the most neglected areas of the body. Although I am only 26, I still take good care of my neck & use products to prevent spending fortunes on kybella later on in life...HA. I was beyond thrilled when one of my favorite skincare lines iS Clinical came out with a new product just for the neck. The neck & chest is an area in skincare lines that I really feel is slacking with products. Don't worry ladies and gentlemen, you can also use this on the décolleté and jawline to tighten it all up! 

iS Clinical Neck Perfect Complex

tightening. sculpting. smoothing

-restores firmness & elasticity
-smoothes appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
-appears more lifted, tightened & toned
-reduces appearance of thing "crepey" skin 
-improves texture & discoloration
-delivers intense & penetrating hydration
-provides potent antioxidant protection
-paraben free 

CALLING ALL BRIDES & BRIDESMAIDS....Don't settle for double chins on the biggest day of your life. Start on iS Clinicals Neck Perfect Complex a few months before your wedding to tighten & tone it all up. 

Get yours at Skin Studio By Megan. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Lash Lift vs. Lash Extensions

I would love to clear up a few differences between lash lifting and lash extensions. Lash extensions have been very popular the past few years & while lash perming has been around for a long time, the new lifting technique is becoming popular. I am going to go over the pros & cons of each as well as some horrific pictures of lash extensions gone wrong. 


Lash extensions are beautiful when done correctly. They are also very damaging when done incorrectly. Lash extensions are something that you really need to do research on who you go to. I also think that it is best to see before & after pictures from this lash artist. I cannot tell you how many clients come in with extensions and they look HORRIBLE. I want to cry or go scream at their lash artist. I have also had a few clients who have lost all of their natural eyelashes due to poorly done extensions. I personally do not do extensions due to a bad shoulder & the pain it causes with the long application process. I have done extensions in the past and have gotten them applied to myself. If you are in the Lexington, KY area I have lots of recommendations on who you should go to. Clients who do not know anything about extensions might not know what to look for, or things that are bad in extensions so I hope these pictures clear things up. These are from various lash artists with clients who come in from other artists, these are not the work of the artists name. 

You should never have clumps of glue on your extensions. Also, cluster lashes are NOT eyelash extensions and are not supposed to last more than a day or two. If your lash "artist" offers clusters claiming to last longer than a few days, clearly they do not know proper extensions & I do not recommend going to them. HOWEVER volume lashes are okay & give the appearance of fuller lashes. This is where the artists creates "fans" and multiple lashes are applied to your natural lash. This is okay when done by a trained volume lash artist. 
This last photo is an awesome example from Savannah Vaughn who lashes here in Lexington. She is great and offers volume & classic extensions. The name of her business is Skin Savy. She is amazing at lashing. 

Extensions are great for those with short lashes who cannot lift. I also think it is great for clients who want a dramatic look. It saves so much time in the mornings not dealing with mascara. Extensions will last several weeks however they do require fill ins. The application process can be anywhere from 1-3 hours. The cons are they require maintenance, can have bad allergic reactions, long application process, if done incorrectly will cause damage, can cause irritation and they are not very natural. Pros are they look beautiful when done correctly, dramatic, less time spend in AM on makeup, you look great with no makeup, great for special events (weddings, photo shoots,etc.) 


Lash lifting is permanently curling your natural lashes until they all shed naturally. Results will last 6-12 weeks. My client average is about 10 weeks between lifts. Lifts are much more natural looking. You can also tint the lashes after your lift if you have lighter lashes to give the appearance of mascara. This will last 4-6 weeks. Lifts are easier for some because they are maintenance free, unlike extensions requiring fill ins every few weeks. Also, I have never had a client have a bad reaction to the lift, with extensions lots are allergic to the glue used and can have an allergic reaction. Lash lifting takes around 30 minutes to an hour. If you have long lashes that criss cross & drive you nuts, lifts can help straighten & position your crazy lashes. I have only had about 5-10 clients who I had to turn away from a lash lift. This is because their lashes were too short for the perm. I always suggest Latisse or GrandeLash MD to help grow your lashes. The pros to lifting are it is maintenance free, no irritation, enhances your natural lashes, looks natural, gives the appearance of longer, fuller lashes. The cons are if the lashes are too short they cannot be lifted and if you are going for a false lash look, you may want to opt for extensions.

I have a previous post all about lifts HERE 

Here are some before & after photos of MY lash lifting work. 

If you are unsure if you should have a lift or extensions come in for a free consultation with me & I can discuss which one is best for you & your lashes. Contact me Megan Johnson, LE at (859)619-2155. Happy lashing everyone. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Magical Mandelic Peel

My favorite chemical peel for acne prone skin is a mandelic peel. It is liquid gold. All of my clients are hooked once they get their first mandelic peel. It is perfect for acne prone/congested skin. Many people have heard of salicylic, glycolic and lactic peels, however most have never heard of a mandelic peel. Mandelic is a type of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA). Molecules are larger than lactic & glycolic peels so this peel is less irritating and doesn't penetrate as much. This is safe for rosacea & darker skin tones.

Check out this great before and after a mandelic peel. There is much less irritation.

-evens skin tone
-improves acne
-fades dark spots
-suppress pigmentation
-repairs sun damage

Down time:
All skin types are different but this peel usually has 0-mild flaking.

Clearer skin that glows. WHO DOESN"T WANT THAT?

Skin Studio By Megan offers this peel in 35% or 50%. I always start clients off with 35% and work their way up to 50%. Try one today at Skin Studio By Megan.