Monday, September 30, 2019

New Treatment: Nanoneedling

Skin Studio By Megan is so thrilled to now offer nano needling. All of my clients know I am a huge fan of micro needing so I am excited to offer this less invasive similar treatment called nano needling.

What is nano needling? 

Nano needling uses silicone or surgical steel cartridges. The pyramid-like tips are microscopic, smaller than one single strand of hair. This treatment only effects the epidermis (top layers of skin) so there is no pain or downtime.  When the nano needling pen hits the skin, it creates up to 200,000 nano channels. This technique causes the cells in the skin to re-arrange themselves and allow nutrition to pass through the skin barrier to help the absorption from active ingredients and stimulate collagen. Within 15 minutes after the treatment, the skin cells in the perforated layer return to their original position. This treatment can be used for a variety of skin conditions & cocktail to your individual skin needs. It is great to deliver hydrating properties, lightening agents, active acne ingredients etc. to tailor to your skin.

-product absorption
-gentle exfoliation
-increases hydration
-penetrates upper epidermis
-infusion ingredients trigger the regenerative process of the skin
-increases circulation
-softens fine lines & wrinkles
-evens skin tone
-improves skin texture
-improves acne scarring
-calms inflammation
-creates a beautiful glow

There is no downtime with nano needling or any need to use topical numbing cream. This treatment feels like vibrations on the skin and is pain free. If using a stronger active ingredient (acne products for example) you might have a day or two of dryness. The next day the skin will be plump and glowing.

Price and treatments:
Skin Studio By Megan will offer your customized nano needling treatment for $125. This treatment is best done in a series, especially when targeting texture or acne scarring & fine lines.

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